“Viateсh” comes to the Chinese market

July 8, 2016 in the province of Shensi, city of Xi’an, group of companies “Viateh”, specializing in the development of ultrasound technology and software systems for enhanced oil production, with the support of the Research Institute of China, 22-nd Corporation of Electronic Science and Technology (CETC-22) organized a road show for Chinese oil companies.

The purpose of the event – acquaintance with Chinese partners advanced technologies GC “Viateh” on the ultrasound effects on the bottomhole formation zone in order to increase the current oil recovery.


The event was attended by over 40 representatives of companies-operators of China’s fields, oil producing and oilfield services companies. Presentations by representatives of GC “Viateh” includes information about the group companies, service and manufacturing facilities, the areas of application technology, the principle of ultrasonic impact on bottomhole formation zone, and most importantly – the positive results of treatment of wells on the territory of the Russian Federation, the United States of America and Canada since 2008 till 2016.
During the presentation and subsequent negotiations in the framework of the round table was a great interest to the modern impact of technology on the bottomhole formation zone, marked by its effectiveness and environmental safety, which is an important factor in China’s mining industry.


As a result of road show, GC “Viateh” and Research Institute of China, 22-nd Corporation of Electronic Science and Technology (CETC-22) agreed the key parameters of the cooperation agreement between the two companies in order to promote technology in the Chinese market, as well as agreed upon running of the first pilot tests of the technology on the oilfields of China in 2016