Articles and publications

On this page, you can download articles and publications about the use of ultrasound technology during freeing the perforation channels from accumulated debris, elimination of the “skin effect” and significantly reducing the viscosity of the of oil. Also there are also a large number of articles describing the experience of working with high-viscosity and heavy oils both in Russia and abroad.

Article and publications
1 2009 An ultrasonic technology for productivity restoration in low-flow boreholes.
2 2009 Ultrasonic unit for restoring oil wells.
3 2011 Reducing viscosity of paraffinic oils in ultrasonic field.
4 2011 Воздействие кавитации на реологию тяжелой нефти.
5 2011 НЕФТЕСЕРВИС Ультразвуковое воздействие на пласт.
6 2011 Снижение вязкости парафинистых нефтей.
7 2011 Экспериментальное исследование эффективности передачи ультразвуковых колебаний в жидкофазную нагрузку.
8 2012 Ультразвуковая техника.
9 2013 Состояние проблемы извлечения нефти.
10 2013 Ультразвуковой комплекс и опытно-промышленные работы на Самотлорском месторождении.
11 2014 Development of ultrasonic equipment and technology for well stimulation and enhanced oil recovery.
12 2014 improving the productivity of wells by means of acoustic impact on high-viscosity oil in the channels of the face zone of a well.
13 2014 Selective AWS of perforation zones in HZ wells.
14 2014 Sonochemical approaches to enhanced oil recovery.
15 2014 Influence of ultrasound and heat treatment on the rheological properties of ust-tegusskoe oil.
16 2014 Повышение продуктивности скважин.